Stephen King: The Outsider

When we were on vacation this year I took a Stephen King book with me. I was never a huge fan but always like most of his stuff, especially when I am looking for an easy read. I can’t remember the name of the book I was reading but I had recently watched and thoroughly enjoyed the HBO miniseries: The Outsider. It is an excellent combination of supernatural and pessimistic, realist characters who do not believe in such things. 

Anyway, the condo in Myrtle Beach we were staying in had a bunch of books that folks had left and one of the was The Outsider by Stephen King. I told my daughter that I really liked the miniseries and she decided to read the book. So we raced to see who would finish their Stephen King book first (I had a head start so I won by half a day).

Once she was done I grabbed it and read it and finished it at home (did I steal a book?) and it was great. As much as I enjoy the supernatural and ghost hunter shows I am a huge sceptic of it all so the main character really played out well for me. I just started Later by Stephen King and I am enjoying it as well.

The Outsider 

Z2: E3 Washington ZC

Last night was our weekly gaming night, after going through all the campaigns in Zombicide 2: Fort Hendrix we switched to Zombicide 2: Washington ZC and frankly, I think we have all been enjoying ZC more than FH. We played episode 3 of ZC and the scenario instructions said it should only take 45 minutes but we were able to drag it out to about 1:15. We won the scenario but had one fatality (4 players, 6 characters).

Zombicide 2
Zombicide 2: Washington DC

Tales from the Darkside

I found some of the old Tales from the Darkside tv episodes on vimeo and I have been enjoying a couple every night. They are amusing and campy and very low budget. I have remembered very few of them so far, the notable exception is the lottery episode with Bud Cort: “Snip, Snip” (also starring a young Carol Kane). In going through the episodes I am surprised at the number of recognizable actors show up in them.

I recorded the introduction and will share it here, although it did complain about a copyright violation, so I am not sure how long it will be up.

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Only Murders in the Building

Another series I finished last week and really enjoyed, some fun twists and turns and I always have a soft spot in my heart for Steve Martin. It is on Hulu and has be renewed for a second season. What I can’t decide is how I feel about them dropping one a week instead of the whole series at once like they have trained us to enjoy over Covid isolation.

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