Virtual DnD 3.5 Edition

After taking a bit of a sabbatical after a TPW this summer we finally got our schedules aligned and spun up Roll20 and Discord to reboot our campaign. We are playing in a world inspired by the early writings of Raymond E. Feist, whose own world and books, if memory serves, are based on his gaming group. It was great to virtually get the gang back together and play some 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons.

North Coast Nostalgia. . . I think. . .

Right next to the Cedar Lee Theatre in Cleveland Hts is a barber shop, the Cleveland Barber Studio. It was not always this type of shop. Growing up this was one of my favorite places to ride my bike. It was the closest comic book store to my house. I am pretty sure that it was called North Coast Nostalgia and that after I stopped going it moved to Lyndhurst and then eventually closed it’s east side location completely. There is still a North Coast Nostalgia on the west side. However, I also recently learned about the Mandela Effect so it is possible I am getting the name wrong, but I’m certain of the location. Anyway, I drove by it this morning and stopped at the light right in front of it. Talk about nostalgia.

north coast nostalgia

Z2: E3 Washington ZC

Last night was our weekly gaming night, after going through all the campaigns in Zombicide 2: Fort Hendrix we switched to Zombicide 2: Washington ZC and frankly, I think we have all been enjoying ZC more than FH. We played episode 3 of ZC and the scenario instructions said it should only take 45 minutes but we were able to drag it out to about 1:15. We won the scenario but had one fatality (4 players, 6 characters).

Zombicide 2
Zombicide 2: Washington DC