Vacation Watch list Part 2

Vacation is winding down, just a couple of more days and I found another BBC show that I enjoy and is available here in the states. But First:


Marvel: Although I may not have stated it here yet, while I thoroughly enjoyed the early Marvel movies the whole explosion of the MCU has let me indifferent to them at best. I definitely prefer all things DC at heart. I about swore off of MCU completely after I had to sit through the utter garbage that was Thor: Ragnarok. But they re-re-rebooted Spiderman again and released of the third one (which I hear is doing well). I hadn’t watched the first two so I gave them a watch. I did not love either of them, not surprisingly. I like the new Spiderman actor but really enjoyed Ned and the way they characterize MJ in these movies. Apparently half of the population died, or didn’t die, or some died, but now they are back, but not back, between the first and the second movie and there were some other minor (major?) plot lines I did not follow. Again, I don’t follow MCU that closely so I’m probably a couple of movies behind. All that being said, not a waste of my time, a fun couple of movies. As I have said before, all things are better with JB Smoove in it. Will likely never watch them again.

Matrix: I am about 1/3 to 1/2 way through the new Matrix movie. This was one of the first movies I started when vacation began so the fact that it has been back in the queue for that long doesn’t bode well. Maybe it will come around in the second half.


BBC: Since my desperate search for the last two seasons of Eight out of Ten Cats Does Countdown has come up short, I blindly flailed around the internet searching for “BBC Panel shows” and was delighted to come across Would I Lie to You? It has all the brit whit one could hope for in short 30 (closer to 23) minute segments. The guests are generally lovely as is the host, but all the heavy comedy lifting goes to the team captains. I have a new found respect for the impromptu hilarity that Lee Mack brings, having only seen him a few times on Cats in the past. On the other side is the very well known David Mitchell (aka the luckiest man alive see: Victoria Coren Mitchell) who just excels at everything I love about British comedy and why I think it is far ahead of anything produced in the states.


BOWLS: My team did not fare well early in the day. Many, many of the regular players were not playing in The Outback Bowl. Although I understood the reasoning behind this, I was a little miffed that we were watching third stringers and first time players and losing. I watched most of the rest of the Bowl games in the background, and then completely changed my mind when I saw what happened to the Ole Miss QB in the last game. Unfortunately, these are just scrimmages and these guys don’t want to risk it all when they already have a professional spot lined up.


ITS ALWAYS SUNNY: I did not realize I was watching the latest season so I got caught up soon after my last post and then went back to the season before, which is even better. The episode at the zoo when they are texting each other is as funny a sitcom as I have seen in quite some time. Bravo.


That is probably all the vacation watching updates, back to work in a couple of days. Of course, I’ll be sitting exactly where I am right now, just staring at a different set of monitors! Hopefully my Wednesday and Thursday night gaming groups are starting up again this week as well.

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