Watch Party: Northern Exposure

I have been re-watching Northern Exposure finally. Along with X-Files, but I am always watching X-Files, but Northern Exposure was much harder to find. The first season was trying to find it’s way along; the second and third seasons were wonderful, just as I remembered them, but still new again to me, very enjoyable.

I’m into the fourth season now, and Adam Ant showed up as a character and it feels like maybe it is losing its way a little bit. We shall see. It aired for 6 seasons.

I’ll also note quickly that the Taskmaster youtube channel released all of Season 15. I love Taskmaster. I have even branched out and watched the NZ version and tried some others, but the original is the best. The first few seasons had people I was generally familiar with, the last few season have had people I did not know, but they all hold up and some of them are my new favorites. I’m looking at you Frankie Boyle and Fern Brady. Stop by for a laugh.