Sue Wiley’s See’s Fudge

Sue Wiley’s See’s Fudge 3 6-ounce packages semisweet chocolate pieces 2 tablespoons butter or margarin 1 7 1/2 ounce marshmallow cream 4 1/2 cups sugar 1 13-fluid-ounce can evaporated milk 2 cups coarsely chopped walnuts Generously butter a 12 3/4 9X2 inch pan. In a large bowl combine chocolate pieces butter and marshmallow cream; set aside In a …

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The Best Lovecraftian Horror Films of All Time

While Lovecraft inspired movies are always in season, they are in particular season now. Going to watch (or re-watch) as many of these as I can this weekend:   The Best Lovecraftian Horror Films of All Time  

Watch Party: Northern Exposure

I have been re-watching Northern Exposure finally. Along with X-Files, but I am always watching X-Files, but Northern Exposure was much harder to find. The first season was trying to find it’s way along; the second and third seasons were wonderful, just as I remembered them, but still new again to me, very enjoyable. I’m …

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Travels and Travails

I need to capture our last family vacation for posterity, but it occurred to me last night to go ahead and record all the college visits we have had with the wee one so far. In one years time she will have decided and be packing her bags to head off. In no particular order …

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It’s been…. One Week!

Last week we took our youngest on a whirlwind college tour, roughly 1500 miles, 70,000 steps and buckets of $$ later. I will record our travels here for posterity. ‣ Day one, drove to Pittsburgh ‣ Official tour of Carnegie Mellon ‣ First time in Pittsburgh so, of course, Primanti Bros for lunch ‣ Unofficial …

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Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday Morning

Dungeons and Dragons things I am not excited about: The upcoming movie Dungeons and Dragons things I am excited about: Dungeons & Dragons’ Classic Cartoon Returns With a New Miniseries