The Best Lovecraftian Horror Films of All Time

While Lovecraft inspired movies are always in season, they are in particular season now. Going to watch (or re-watch) as many of these as I can this weekend:   The Best Lovecraftian Horror Films of All Time  

137 Shots.

“And finally I want to say to you that we have some great struggles ahead. All over the nation and right here in Cleveland. But as we struggle let us have the courage to be non-violent. You see, it doesn’t take much courage to be violent. It is ultimately the strong man that can be …

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Planes, Trains and Fucking Automobiles

Argue all you want over the best Christmas movie (Die Hard), there is only one, dear to my heart, Thanksgiving movie that must be watched. Right. Fucking. Now.

Total Recall 2012

I guess they remade Total Recall in 2012, who knew? I completely missed it but it is on Netflix now so I gave it a watch. It is the same plot just with updated CGI and actors, and no more Mars. Also no pulling the magic bean out of you head through your nose. That …

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The Deeper you Dig

I recently finished this really good, surprising, independent film on Amazon Prime called The Deeper you Dig. The very small cast of mostly related people (mom, dad and daughter play the main roles and mom and dad wrote and directed), excellently portray their characters. It does get a little bit too psychedelic for me in …

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