March 23 – Watch Party Update

I have been stumbling around the “dial” lately, since we finally cut the cord a few months ago, getting used to watching TV a new way. Most of the shows I watch are on my paid services. I will occasionally drop in on some of the commercial driven TV apps (PlutoTV, Tubi, Stirr, Crackle, etc.). Since I have been back in the office more days than I WFH, my sleep schedule has become that of a wonky, old man. I’m very lucky if I make it up late enough to catch an episode of X-Files on Comet TV. But going to bed early also means I am up (sometimes very) early, and I have found my old friends the detectorists helping me happily welcome in the day. I have seen all the episodes before, and unfortunately there are not that many of them, but it is a nice start to the day.

I’m working through some other series; finished New Girl and King of the Hill, slowly slogging my through all the seasons of The Simpsons, also picking up eps of Futurama and Bob’s Burgers when I can. Hulu recommended How I met your Mother when I watched the last ep of New Girl. I had never watched it before and I’ve given a few episodes a try and it is generally not funny. I will probably wander my way through at least the whole first season but it feels like a lesser tier sitcom (see Friends or Big Band Theory).

A show I have found pretty enjoyable on one of the apps is The R.I.P. files. I’m always a sucker for a paranormal show, but most of the ones on now are so bad, fake, and so contrived that I don’t watch them much any more. This one is a few years old, has a sceptic/scientist as part of the crew, and seems at least somewhat plausible. The first season’s episodes are under 30 mins, season 2 episodes are longer so far. IIRC this show is on Crackle.

Other enjoyables: Finished The Mandalorian, it is the best of the new live action SW shows. Some of the footage is absolutely beautiful sci fi. I am getting caught back up on Stranger Things. Found a fun new British show with a bunch of my favorite actors called The Rig. It is pleasant mix of The Fog meets Lost meets The Abyss. Just a few episodes into this one but so far chef recommends.

I found a show on Netflix (or maybe it found me) called Ragnorok (not the terrible Marvel film, but a series from Norway) where a Norwegian teenager is slowly turning into Thor and learning about some other Gods and Giants in town.

Final mention is the movie Resurrection. A weird psycho/thriller with “make you think ending” and commentary on abusive life situations. How to you interpret the ending?

That about wraps it up. I suffered through a Marvel Thor movie because Natalie Portman was in it. Another AntMan movie is on Disney + that I will probably put on in the background at some point soon. Waiting for a month of free time to sign up for a free month of Paramount + to binge a number of shows lurking over there (Picard, D&D Movie, Yellowjackets, etc.).