ZC Victory Thursday

We failed this Zombicide scenario TWICE last week, last night we came up with a plan, and followed the plan and had a nice quick victory even with several Abominations showing up.

Z2 Victory

We basically had to take the month of May of for various other obligations but were finally able to get back together last night to play a board game. We switched back to the basic Zombicide 2 game, the first scenario. The setup took a little longer because we all had to pick new toons, …

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Black Plague Defeat Report

Last night was our attempt at Scenario 2 of Zombicide Black Plague. In the manual it is listed as Easy and that it should only take 60 minutes. We were bamboozled on both attempts, mainly by bad planning on our point and not seeing clearly what to do by the game setup. But we also …

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Washington ZC

We had a go at the final scenario in Zombicide 2 Washington ZC. We turned up an abomination in the first turn so it was an uphill battle all night. I thought it would end sooner than it did but we struggled on until we were finally overwhelmed. There were only a couple of turns …

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Bigfoot Update

Slowly putting back the content that was lost in the hack. Trying to do one older post a day until I get everything restored. It is generating a large single page, and I will likely keep it like that until I’m done restoring and then chunk it into smaller pieces. It will probably still load …

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