Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday Morning

Dungeons and Dragons things I am not excited about: The upcoming movie Dungeons and Dragons things I am excited about: Dungeons & Dragons’ Classic Cartoon Returns With a New Miniseries

Thursday night virtual DND

We are working our way through a side adventure in our virtual Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We are playing characters that the Dungeon Master has provided, not ones we rolled up ourselves. It is a little different playing a character you haven’t designed yourself but we are muddling our way through it.

Virtual DnD 3.5 Edition

After taking a bit of a sabbatical after a TPW this summer we finally got our schedules aligned and spun up Roll20 and Discord to reboot our campaign. We are playing in a world inspired by the early writings of Raymond E. Feist, whose own world and books, if memory serves, are based on his …

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