Tuesday, December 16, 1986

If I were going to die in fourteen hours I would probably just spend time with all my family and friends saying goodbye and telling them not to worry. If Phoebe Cates was in town I wouldn’t mind “visiting” with her for a while. I’d probably tell my parents to have my body donated to …

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Monday, December 15, 1986

I had service today. Mr Ertle came to see me. I was leaving so we had to wait for Mrs. Wipple, the lady in charge. He gave me a ride home and I had lunch with everyone 4th period and had 5th period free to do my latin.

Sunday, December 14, 1986

We went to 4:30 mass. It was boring. We had to go up to the altar to light the Advent candles. very exciting. After Mass we went home and ate. Just another boring Sunday. I have to finish my homework! GoodBye!

Friday, December 12, 1986

Sex! Thats the topic for today. I guess if I had a very nice girl that I loved and cared for more than just sexually, I probably would have sex. But all the girls in the past I haven’t really loved and just went out with them because I was really horny and needed an …

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Thursday, December 11, 1986

Family. My family is a very typical family I would say. We have our problems but there is love and caring. My dad makes enough money that I can go here and have insurance of going to college. All my other brothers did.

Wednesday, December 10, 1986

I have an unusual amount of homework tonight. I’ll be up late, that’s for sure. I got two christmas cards from a couple of girls I know, other than that its just another day.